Better Learning With Beer!

The Clinton Street Theater

Portland, Oregon

Science on Tap is a science lecture series where you can sit back, enjoy a pint, and laugh while you learn. Listen to experts talk about the science in your neighborhood and around the world. You don’t have to be a science geek to have fun—all you need is a thirst for knowledge!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016, in Portland

Drug Discovery and the Science of Medications

We all take drugs —Tylenol, Lipitor, Nexium, Viagra — but have you ever wondered how they’re developed? Drug discovery is a long, arduous and yet innovative scientific process that involves a wide variety of physicians and scientists including biologists, chemists, crystallographers, statisticians, pharmacologists, and many more. In this multi-media presentation, Leah Frye, Vice President of… GET DETAILS

Tuesday, September 6, 2016, in Portland

Memory and the Neuroscience of Addiction

Starting from a very young age, humans are driven to seek out novel sensations and rewarding experiences; the brain is wired this way. During adolescence, some seek out drugs of abuse because they create novel sensations and can alter the perception of reality. Repeated exposure to these drugs creates new experiences in the form of… GET DETAILS